The Hopeless Bibliophile is currently accepting books for review consideration!


I've read a few posts on the concept of review consideration, starting with Anya's post at On Starships and Dragonwings, and I have to agree that it sounds like a sanity-saving concept. At the end of the day, blogging is a hobby, not a job, and there is no reason to put that much pressure on myself for a hobby that should be enjoyable. I cannot guarantee a review for any review copy received, whether or not I requested it.


I only accept books published through traditional publishing houses. I do not accept self-published or indie-pubbed books. Physical ARCs are preferred, but e-ARCs will be accepted from NetGalley (and eventually Edelweis, once I get an account set up). I am also audiobook friendly. If your book has already been published, check my owned-unread shelf on Goodreads (link in sidebar) to see if I already own it. Please note that I do not sell ARCs.

Contact me at Amanda [AT] TheHopelessBibliophile [DOT] com .

Preferred age ranges:
adult | young adult | picture books for ages 6 and under

Preferred genres:
science fiction romance | paranormal romance | time travel romance | urban fantasy | dystopia / apocalyptic / post-apocalyptic | science fiction | contemporary romance | romantic suspense | erotica | gay romance | gay erotica | fantasy | historical romance (adult only) | comic books (adult only) | graphic novels (all age ranges) | graphic nonfiction (all age ranges)

Bonus points to books set in Michigan or written by Michigan authors! I love The Mitten!


I prefer to write spoiler-free reviews that focus on style, characters, world building, and what I did and did not like about the book. If there are spoilers, for that book or another in the series, this will be clearly marked at the beginning of the post. 

Review copies tend to be moved to the top of my reading pile, but please remember that I do have a life outside of this blog.

All reviews are cross-posted on Goodreads. I also have a few other accounts and cross-post reviews to them at my own discretion. See sidebar for links.


Unless otherwise requested, reviews are posted sometime within a month prior to publication. I try to keep on top of changes to the pub date so reviews do not come out too early.


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Any review request that clearly ignores the above guidelines will not receive a response.