Tuesday, August 18, 2015

manga review: Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary #1 by Shake-O

story & art by Shake-O
Macmillan: Seven Seas Entertainment
released February 17, 2015
source: bookstore
180 pages

Rating: Liked it


Welcome to the nurse's office! Nurse Hitomi is more than happy to help you with any health concerns you might have. Whether you're dealing with growing pains or shrinking spurts, body parts that won't stay attached, or a pesky invisibility problem, Nurse Hitomi can provide a fresh look at the problem with her giant, all-seeing eye. So come on in! The nurse is ready to see you!

Manga Rating: Older Teen. An "OT" rated book contains material that some parents or guardians may consider inappropriate for readers under the age of 16.

My Thoughts

Hitomi-Sensei is a school nurse . . . which doesn't sound all that strange until you realize that she's also a cyclops and most of her patients are monster girls! Hitomi is very clumsy because the cyclops eye means she has no depth perception. Her monster girl patients all have their own unique problems, and Hitomi and her assistant are there to save the day.

I picked up this title because it was advertised as perfect for fans of the manga series Monster Musume, which I adore. Monster Infirmary, however, feels like a bit of a disjointed mess. It has its cute moments, and I like the way that Hitomi manages to see her students' true problems and give them advice, which is really the only reason that this made it to three stars instead of just two. But this doesn't feel like it ties together like that other manga I have read - it just comes off as individual stories all strung together by the shared character of Hitomi. 

I'm still planning to grab the second book in the near future, but if the style and pacing remain the same then I don't know if I'll continue with the series. This just isn't my favorite style.


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