Wednesday, August 19, 2015

review: MAGIC POSSESSED by Jaime Rush

The Hidden #2
Hachette: Forever
released January 28, 2014
source: bookstore
312 pages

Rating: Liked it

They are the Hidden.
Not quite human. Far from normal.
And never, ever safe . . .

Her brother was mysteriously murdered with no witnesses, clues - or motives. Yet Violet Castanega knows he won't be the last to die unless she seeks help. But the Hidden's law enforcement won't come to the aid of her rowdy dragon clan, and the only person who will listen to her is one tough cop. Violet has tangled with him before, and it got rough. This time, it's getting hot . . .

Powerful Guard member Kade Kavanaugh has been ordered to take out Violet Castanega. While assassination orders don't come with explanations, his instincts scream that killing the fiesty beauty is wrong. Now Kade must put his career, not to mention his life, on the line to save her. But as the passion - and the danger - heat up between Kade and Violet, can they survive the darkest magick of all?

My Thoughts

When Violet's brother is brutally murdered, she risks the wrath of her family to enlist the aid of the Guard in investigating his death. She is told in no uncertain terms that the Fringers need to police their own and is thrown out of the building. Kade follows her back home with orders to assassinate her but finds that he can't go through with it. A friend recently told him to trust his gut . . . and the more he looks into things, the fishier this situation seems.

I definitely liked this one more than the first book in the series, Dragon Awakened... at least until the halfway mark. The plot was already a little sketchy before then, but somewhere around the middle it just all fell apart for me. Sometimes simplicity just ends up making characters look like fools.

I did like that big bad Kade is actually a submissive man at heart. While it's not personally my cup of tea, I do still like to see male romantic leads who aren't entirely stereotypical alpha douchebags. Men who enjoy sexual submission are very under-represented in women's literature these days.

At the end of the day, though, you can definitely feel how short this book is. Another forty pages of plot and character development could have made a world of difference for this story.

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