Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mini Bloggiesta Update

Well, this weekend went about the way I thought it would - that is to say, without getting a whole lot of work done. Although of course I managed to go buy new books.

Yesterday, I got through editing and reformatting the first 50 or so posts in my archive. Hubster also helped me tweak the blog template to make it more reader-friendly. I was hoping to at least get through all of 2010's posts this Bloggiesta, though, so I may slog through the rest tonight while hubby is entertaining himself (aka watching football).

Or I may finish reading Sex Criminals. Who knows.

Tomorrow is back to work, so I will likely not get too much done on the last official day of Bloggiesta, but I am off again on Tuesday - for . . . wait for it . . . A FIREWOOD DELIVERY! My life is just TOO EXCITING! Not. - so I will likely hunker down and get a good bit of my to-do list checked off.

Good work and good luck to the rest of you who are getting actual work done!

1 comment:

  1. A firewood delivery? That DOES sound exciting ;-) Almost as exciting as waiting for the cable guy when they give you a "we'll be there between 9am and 4pm" estimate. Awesome. Enjoy your day off tomorrow though, hope you get a lot checked off your list:)