Saturday, January 17, 2015


One ubercool dad talks about his experience taking his daughter to a comic book store. Make sure to check out the comments on this one. [link]

Becca and Allison from the podcast This Week in Ladies offer suggestions for easing into the world of comics. [link]

Huff Post Books presents a list of their 16 most anticipated YA debut books of the first half of 2015. There are some awesome books on this list! [link]

TIME releases the worst ever list of best YA books, made up mostly of children's books suggested by children's book experts and completely underestimating the reading abilities of most young adults. [link]

Marvel has released a new photo teaser, presumably announcing a completely new line of Avengers comics to start after the current Avengers and New Avengers runs end in April. [link]

HarperCollins has a new service called the Aerbook Store, which can be accessed through the HarperCollins Pinterest page. It allows you to read excerpts of selected books and even buy through the website. Pretty cool! [link]

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