Wednesday, January 08, 2014

review: DIVIDED IN DEATH by J.D. Robb

by J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts
Narrated by Susan Eriksen
Series: In Death #18
Berkley / Brilliance Audio
Released: January 26, 2004
Source: Library
Page Count: 354

Rating: Liked it

Found alone on the streets as a child, Eve Dallas has built a new identity and a new future as a cop. Now the hard-edged and cool-headed detective fights for truth and justice, but she still has one very human weakness - enigmatic Irish billionaire, Roarke. And when a trusted employee of Roarke Enterprises is a suspect in a double-homicide, Roarke comes to Eve for help.

Reva Ewing was a former member of the Secret Service, and now a security specialist for Roarke Enterprises - until she was found standing over the dead bodies of her husband, renowned artist Blair Bissel, and her best friend. But Lieutenant Eve Dallas believes there was more to the killing than jealous rage - all of Bissel's computer files were deliberately corrupted. To Roarke, it's the computer attack that poses the real threat. He and Reva have been under a code-red government contract to develop a program that would shield against techno-terrorists. But this deadly new breed of hackers isn't afraid to kill to protect their secret - and it's up to Lieutenant Eve Dallas to shut them down before the nightmare can spread to the whole country.

My Thoughts
Divided in Death was actually quite difficult to read from an emotional standpoint. Due to information that comes to light during this investigation, Eve and Roark go head to head on a difficult issue and face the possibility of their marriage falling apart. The lower rating I gave this book actually came from wanting to rush to the end of the book and hoping that everything would be better at the end. I dislike when authors disrupt the main characters' relationship, even if it is 18 books into the series.

The case was quite an interesting one. It seems open-and-shut on the surface, yet the chain of evidence eventually leads to a secretive government agency that comes in to try to shut down Eve's investigation. There were a few interesting spy tricks, and I enjoyed seeing Eve and Roarke out-maneuver the spooks. I especially liked how Eve tricked a certain character into confessing after this person ended up in the hospital. Genius!

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