Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Finds (3)

Friday Finds is hosted by Should Be Reading and showcases all of the books, whether new or previously published, that we have added to our TBR lists this week!

The Secret Order #1
by Kristin Bailey

I have no idea how I missed this March release, but I shall rectify this soon! Steampunk is becoming more and more appealing to me, and this one seems like quite a good one.

Ex-Heroes #1
by Peter Clines

Zombie apocalypse + superheroes. Enough said.

Fairwick Chronicles #1
by Juliet Dark

I'm pretty sure this cover is hypnotizing me. Just look at it . . . so pretty!

Ashley Arthur #1
by Jack Heath

Being written by an Australian author is generally enough to get me to pick up a book. Not only does Money Run have that going for it, but Scholastic believed in it enough to publish it here in the U.S. Considering we don't import very many novels, that really says a lot about the confidence that Scholastic has in this title. I'm sold!

by Laurie Plissner

I am a sucker for stories that deal with adoption. Also, Screwed was pubbed by Merit Press, for which I received a press release earlier this year. I have been meaning to check out some of their titles.

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