Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday Finds (1)

Friday Finds is hosted by Should Be Reading and showcases all of the books, whether new or previously published, that we have added to our TBR lists this week!

Shifters Unbound #1
by Jennifer Ashley

I have read a few books by Jennifer Ashley, who also writes as Allyson James, but have yet to pick up this series. I finally added it to my wishlist and will read it as soon as I finish up a few of my other open series!

League of the Black Swan #1
by Alyssa Day

I have been lusting after Day's Warriors of Poseidon series for quite a while. I'm not sure if this one will be as interesting to me (I love anything related to Atlantis), but it certainly looks good!

Half Moon Hollow #3
by Molly Harper

I picked up #2 in this series without realizing that it was a spin-off (ish) series. I have a thing about reading series in order, even if it means I have to read another series first. In this case, I really need to read Harper's Jane Jameson series. I have read her Naked Werewolf books, though, and they are great!

by T. Michael Martin

I have been debating this one since I heard about it months ago, so I think I will wait until after more reviews have come out to decide whether or not I will actually pick it up. It could be good - zombie thriller action romance! - but I have heard some things about it that I have a feeling will put me off of it. And really, if I am having trouble deciding whether or not to buy a book, I usually don't end up loving it.

by Cat Patrick

This is another one that I will have to wait on for more reviews. It could turn out really well, as the concept sounds interesting, but it could also be totally over-played. This remains to be seen. I think that, after reading What's Left of Me by Kat Zhang last year, I will probably be disappointed in this one. I hold sci-fi novels to especially high expectations.

Alpha Pack #1
by J.D. Tyler

As with Pride Mates, I am waiting to wrap up a few other series before starting a new paranormal romance. This one sounds fabulous, though!

by Rachel Ward

Quite honestly, I would have ordered this one yesterday had it been available from Amazon (US). As of right now, I would have to get it through Book Depository instead.

by Natalie Whipple

This one looks really good. Just from the description, I already have a hundred questions running through my head about what's going to happen! I will definitely be picking this one up when I get a chance.

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