Monday, December 09, 2013

review: HAVOC by Jeff Sampson

HAVOC by Jeff Sampson
Series: Deviants #2
HarperCollins: Balzer + Bray
Released: January 24, 2012
Source: Bookstore
Page Count: 352

Rating: Liked it

Emily Webb thought life would go back to normal after she and packmate Spencer Holt killed the man who tried to murder them and their fellow "Deviants." Or as normal as it could be, after finding out she has nighttime superpowers . . . and she's a werewolf. But when Emily wakes up one night to find an otherworldly shadowman watching her, she knows the danger has only just begun.

Determined to find answers, Emily and Spencer, along with the third member of their pack - football player Dalton McKinney - set out to ind the people who made them what they are, and why. And as Emily and her friends get closer to the truth, they realize that they aren't the only ones in town with special powers: The most popular girls in school just might have a secret of their own - and they just might have it out for Emily.

But other kinds of Deviants will be the least of the pack's problems if they can't get their own powers under control. With each nighttime shift, Dalton's behavior grows more erratic, and Emily's transformations begin to evolve in mysterious ways. With shadowy beings stalking the Deviants at every turn, a mysterious company doing all it can to keep the truth hidden, and the secrecy of her strange new identity in jeopardy, life threatens to spiral out of control for Emily. And soon all these dangers will come together in one terrifying confrontation that may force her to make the toughest choice of her life.

My Thoughts
I loved Vesper and was really hoping that the sequel would live up to it. In some ways, it did, but in other ways it left me wanting more. Yes, we get to know new characters and new details about the conspiracy, but it still feels like we have a long way to go before we get to the end of the trilogy. Havoc raises more questions than it answers, and I did not feel satisfied at the end of the book.

Additionally, this time around I really did not connect with the male characters, mostly Dawson but Spencer too. This could be because of the male author, but it's hard to tell. Emily was well-written, I thought, but Dawson was just too violent for my taste. By about the mid-way point, I was mentally cringing every time his character made an appearance because I was worried about what stupid thing he would do next.

The book's saving grace, in my opinion, is the recording transcripts scattered between the chapters. While we don't get answers from them, we do get an idea of where the series is headed from them. I can't wait to get my hands on Rampage now!

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