Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: The Essence by Kimberly Derting

by Kimberly Derting
Simon & Schuster: Margaret K. McElderry
January 1, 2013
Source: Bookstore

Poor child. Poor, wretched child. You have no idea what you're up against. No idea how to stop me, do you?

Though it has been months since Charlaina - Charlie - defeated the tyrant Sabara and took control of the Ludanian crown, Sabara has not disappeared. The evil queen's Essence has fused itself to Charlie's psyche, ever present right below the surface, ready to take control at the first sign of weakness.

Balancing her new duties as Queen and battling both Sabara's voice and a growing resistance to return Ludania to its discriminatory caste system are pushing Charlie to the brink. She wants to be the same old Charlie she has ever been, the one who Max loves, the one who Brook trusts, but now she is Your Majesty. Struggling to keep Sabara's presence a secret, Charlie is torn in two.

As Charlie journeys to an annual summit to meet the leaders of nearby Queendoms - an event where her ability to understand all languages will be the utmost asset - she is faced with the ultimate betrayal.

And the only person she can turn to for help is the evil soul residing within.


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