Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hello, 2012! + new blog features

Here's hoping that 2012 is less stressful than 2011!

I have decided not to do participate in any other challenges besides the 2012 Debut Author Challenge hosted by The Story Siren. Frankly, the only reason I am even participating in that is because I was going to be reading those books anyway! Besides the DAC, I will not be officially challenging myself to read outside my genre comfort zones or anything like that. I'm graduating in May, it's my first year as an official librarian (well, it will be after I graduate!), and I just want to relax and enjoy reading for fun this year! I am hoping to read at least 300 books, though. Also, I am participating in the READING FOR A CURE readathon throughout the year. There's more about that below, but if you would like to sponsor me, please send me an email at  amandasbookblog [AT] gmail [DOT] com!

On a personal note, I am hoping to finally follow through on a resolution to lose some weight. We had to change our lifestyle at the end of October because Boyfriend needed to lose weight before the doctor would operate on his hernia, and - although I haven't yet gotten into the exercise aspect - I have actually enjoyed the changes we have made to our diet. Now that I'm having fewer junk food (specifically ice cream) cravings, I would love to get back into exercising and hopefully shed a pant size (... or three). We are also hoping to finish updating our home to get it ready to be a rental and finally purchase a new home in a nicer area.

Finally, I created a new website called Reading for a Cure. I've posted about it a couple of times on here already, but I'm still hoping to get more people involved! If you're interested in participating in this read-a-thon to raise some money for cancer organizations, please head on over to Reading for a Cure to sign up!



Okay, all, I really am going to do a better job blogging this year. To motivate myself, I had fun with Picnik and made some new icons for both new and continuing weekly features:




SATURDAYS (will come back after I graduate)

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