Wednesday, November 20, 2013

review: DAY OF FIRE by Kathleen Nance

DAY OF FIRE by Kathleen Nance
Series: 2176 #2
Dorchester Publishing: Love Spell
Released: May 2004
Source: Bookstore
Page Count: 372

Rating: It was okay


Canda: For over a century it's been closed off, quarantined. Now, in 2176, its people thrive. The country still needs peacekeepers, though - and the Mounties are there. Be It All. Do it All. Those are the high-tech police force's twin mottos. They're Day Daniel's mottos, too.

But things are heating up. Someone or something called the Shadow Voice is broadcasting treason, and Day's determined to stamp it out. Seeking the source of the threat, Day enters the techbar, Flash Point. There she meets Lian Firebird, an enigmatic government operative. He offers - no, insists - upon joining her trek to the legendary Citadel. Well, Day decides, Mounties work alone, but she can still do and be it all - even with this hunk at her heels.

My Thoughts

I had a tough time reading this installment in the series. It literally took me months to get through it. There is a fine line between a strong female character and an asininely stubborn one, and Day Daniels often landed on the wrong side of the line. That was my biggest problem with the book. The story itself was interesting, though!

My advice to readers is to slog through this book as best you can, because there are better books waiting for you on the other side!

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