Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm in a reading slump... can you help me?

Hello, dear blog readers!

I have been in a reading slump lately. It's picked up a little in the last few days, but I still miss my reading buddy - our cat, Gus - who passed away earlier this month, and it's been tough without the little guy jumping into my lap whenever I sit down on the couch with a book.

So, to get my sorry butt back into reading gear, I am asking for your help! I have a few books on my shelves - some new, some old - that I should read but just haven't been in the mood to lately. Talk me into choosing one of these books, and I will read it during the week and blog about it on November 5th!

The choices are:
1. Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
2. Shadow Hills by Anastasia Hopcus
3. Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris
4. Graceling by Kristin Cashore
5. The Dark Divine by Bree Davis
6. Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin

I can't wait to hear what you all say about these books!


  1. I'm so sorry about your cat. You definitely have my deepest sympathy.

    How about reading Graceling? A nice fantasy might get you in the mood for reading again!

    Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

  2. eep! that is terrible about your cat :(

    and also, reading slumps are the worst.

    I have heard 'bad taste in boys' is a lot of fun, so maybe pick that for a pick me up? if not, i loved graceling, but it has a slow start and you have to concentrate a litte ~ but the major swoons in it pay off ;)

  3. I have heard some good things about Bad Taste in Boys! I vote for that one, because it is one I really want to read.

  4. Ok, it's a tie! I have pulled Graceling and Bad Taste in Boys and will be reading them next. Thanks for the input, everyone!