Monday, September 16, 2013

review: DRACULA IS A PAIN IN THE NECK by Elizabeth Levy

by Elizabeth Levy
HarperCollins: Harper Trophy
Source: Bookstore
Released: October 3, 1984
Page Count: 96

Rating: It was okay

Is Dracula haunting Camp Hunter Creek?

Does Dracula really exist? Strange and frightening things have been happening at Camp Hunter Creek, and Robert thinks his Dracula doll might be the cause. Does the most famous vampire of them all hate plastic imitations of himself? Robert and his older brother Sam must find out what's going on - before it's too late!!

My Thoughts

Robert brings his Dracula doll with him to camp, and the other kids start calling him Dracula because of it! And also because, well, he's pale and has chicken pox scabs on his neck. Then... weird things start happening. The boys hear howling noises around camp, and even the counselors look a little scared. Is Dracula haunting the camp and causing all of these spooky things to happen? Or is he just hunting Robert?

I picked this book up because of the cover, and I was expecting, based on that alone, to have an actual vampire in the story. Instead, Dracula's only cameo is in the form of a plastic doll. That was a little disappointing for me. Younger children may find this story a bit scary, but anyone older than third or fourth grade will probably consider it more mysterious than spooky. Mordicai Gerstein's illustrations do add a nice ambiance to the story, though. The ending has a nice twist at the end that readers may appreciate. Overall, though, the story was just too dull for my tastes.

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