Tuesday, May 31, 2011

100 books in 8 weeks!

One of the main reasons I haven't been blogging much recently is a HUGE assignment for my children's lit class that requires us to read 100 books (well, 8 of them were games and movies based on books) during the 8-week semester. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm no good at skimming books, because I inevitably get sucked in and need to know every little detail, so needless to say I haven't had a lot of free time of late. But I thought that you all might be interested in reading some of the reviews that I wrote for my class blog, so I'll be posting them periodically, starting later tonight. It's been eye-opening, as we are required to read from many different genres, and I hope they're helpful to you if you need to pick out books for kids in grades 4 - 8!

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