Wednesday, April 10, 2013

review: MY NERDY VALENTINE by Vicki Lewis Thompson

by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Series: Nerd #7
Penguin: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Released: January 2, 2007
Source: Bookstore
Page Count: 339

Rating: Liked it


Aspiring psychologist Amanda Rkyowsky's schedule is certifiable. Between study, bartending, and an internship with a sex therapist whose techniques would make a Playboy Bunny blush, there's zero time for romance. Still, Amanda is flattered to receive an anonymous Valentine . . . until the messages take a sinister turn.


Stockbroker William Sloan swears he's not the one sending Amanda cards, but he suspects the culprit's intentions are more dubious than sharing a box of Godiva. Something about gorgeous, determined Amanda brings out the usually reserved William's inner he-man, and he insists on acting as a decoy boyfriend.


With a fake relationship masking some very real lust, it's only a matter of time before William and Amanda give in to the sweetest of temptations. And once he's dealt with her secret stalker, William's next mission is to strike Amanda with Cupid's arrow . . .

My Thoughts

This was not my favorite of the series, and I was a little sad to see Nerds end on this book. It certainly wasn't horrible, but there were other books that were much better.

Amanda Rykowski is barely making it through her schedule, between going to grad school, interning with a sex therapist, bartending at Geekland, and somehow finding time to study inbetween all that. So when she meets William Sloan, it is definitely a case of "right guy, wrong time," and she has to turn him down. Turns out it won't be quite as easy to get him out of her head, though - her boss, the oversexed Dr. Gloria Tredway, has decided to snag herself a nerd as her latest conquest.

Overall, I'd say the best books in this series are The Nerd Who Loved Me and Talk Nerdy to Me, followed closely by Nerds Like It Hot. The most obnoxious book was Nerd in Shining Armor. The most defining reason why some books shined and other books weren't so great was the heroine's attitude toward her man.

My main issue with this book was just how pushy and oblivious Gloria was when it came to Will. He tried to hard to make it clear to her that he was not interested in her, yet that just made her come onto him stronger. Personally, I don't see how flashing someone in their very upscale office and potentially getting them fired for bad behavior is going to make anyone like you, but maybe that's just me. Gloria was also very heavy-handed with her intern, and I don't feel that some of the things she was asking of Amanda were very professional. Then again, her entire practice was rather unprofessional, so maybe that's the root of the issue.

Getting to the romance, though. Once Amanda and Will both got onto the same page (that Will was not the one stalking Amanda), things heated up very quickly. Wow did it get hot! The secondary romance took place between Amanda's two nosy neighbors, and that was pretty cute too.

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