Monday, April 01, 2013

review: GONE WITH THE NERD by Vicki Lewis Thompson

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Series: Nerds #4
Penguin: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Released: August 2, 2005
Source: Bookstore
Page Count: 400

Rating: Liked it

In Nerd Gone Wild and The Nerd Who Loved Me, New York Times bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson gave the sexy intellectual his due. Now she's back at her boisterously funny best when she pairs a lawyer with an actress in order to make a Hollywood fantasy come true . . .

A beauty looking for her inner nerd.

Movie star Zoe Tarleton has everything but respect. Now she's determined to get it by snagging the coveted role of a plain-Jane chemist. All she needs is for her decidedly uncool attorney, Flynn Grander, to teach her the award-winning subtleties of being a nerd.

A nerd unleashing his inner beast.

California's "Bigfoot Country" is the ideal secret hideaway for coaching. That means rehearsing the steamy scenes too. Who'd have guessed that Zoe and Flynn's performances would be so convincing? Unfortunately, something is turning their hot love story into a hair-raising thriller.

Their sparks are igniting more than heat.

The killer bees, the poisoned food, and the toppled tree are no accidents. Someone's out to get them. Does Glynn have a love-struck woman in his life? Does Zoe have an insanely jealous fan? Or is Bigfoot real - and more resourceful than anyone imagined? It's just Zoe's luck. She's finally found the man of her dreams and the role of a lifetime - and both of them could be her last.

My Review

Zoe Tarleton is a popular actress hoping to land a Golden Globe-worthy role. The problem? The role she wants means she needs training in how to be a nerd. Since she doesn't want anyone to know how hard she's preparing for this role, she needs a private tutor. Her lawyer, Flynn Granger, is her ticket to success. Intelligent and organized, Flynn is the just the man she needs to train her in the ways of the nerd. Stuck in a cabin alone with Flynn, Zoe begins to notice things about her lawyer that had escaped her before - especially his good looks and toned body. It's too bad for her that he has a serious girlfriend, or the cabin windows would be getting steamy.

Flynn has never done something so crazy in his life, but he can't say no to Zoe Tarleton. He has a girlfriend, yes, but being with Zoe is making him realize that he obviously doesn't care about Kristen as much as he should for a man who's about to propose. The question is: Does Kristen feel the same way? Strange things are happening at the cabin, and Kristen is nowhere to be found . . . 

I had a bit of an issue with Flynn not breaking up with Kristen before things started heating up with Zoe, though I do understand that he had never emotionally invested in the relationship. Had it not been for that, this book would have gotten a higher score. I just really don't approve of cheating on your significant other, even if the relationship isn't going well. It's always better to have an awkward conversation but be definitively in the clear.

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  1. Ha ha the plot and premise of this one sounds really funny.