Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday with a Vampire anthology

Harlequin Nocturne #29

by Maureen Child & Caridad Piniero

'Tis the season to take a walk on the dark side . . .

Silhouette Nocturne is proud to present these two sensual, heartwarming tales of love during the holiday season., True, the heroes may not wear red suits or be very jolly. But tall, dark, and handsome, with the unusual power to thrill, can sometimes be the best gift of all.

In Christmas Cravings by Maureen Child, a vampire finds himself in need of a miracle, and discovers it on the doorstep of his childhood home in the form of Theresa Franklin.

Most women dream of being swept off their feet by a man - not whisked away by a devastatingly handsome vampire. But for Connie Morales in Fate Calls by Caridad Pineiro, Hadrian's tempting kisses make her long to deliver the gift of life to a man who thinks he has no soul . . .

My Review
"Christmas Cravings" by Maureen Child

I found this to be a very cute, very sweet story. Grayson Stone returns to his childhood home every year on Christmas to remember his wife and children, who were killed in the same vampire attack that turned him on Christmas, a hundred some years ago. But apparently his financial manager sold the house, and now Tessa Franklin calls it home, ekeing out a living as a bed and breakfast owner while hiding out from her crazy ex-boyfriend. These two are very good for each other, even if it takes a while for them to see it. Maureen Child is definitely going on my list of authors to check out. 4.5 stars

"Fate Calls" by Caridad Pineiro

This story, however, didn't do anything for me. Not only was the "hero," Hadrian, a complete dud, but the heroine, Connie, wasn't a terribly sympathetic character. The only thing that made this story Christmasy was the setting - Christmas in New York City, with Connie doing volunteer work as one of those bell ringers who stand just outside the door and ask for money. Other than that, there wasn't much holiday spirit in this story. I would honestly suggest skipping this story and only reading the Maureen Child story. 1 star.

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