Thursday, December 02, 2010

Holiday Read-a-Thon: Day 1 Updates

It's time for another read-a-thon!

WhoRuBlog is hosting a read-a-thon today through Sunday. If you haven't already, click here to sign up. There are no set rules for this read-a-thon; all she asks is that you donate either money or toys to your charity of choice.

I will be editing this post with all of my updates from today.

UPDATE - 10:00 AM
Okay, I have my reading buddy and am ready to go!
This is my cat, Gilbert. Technically, he's my boyfriend's cat, but since I'm the one who pets him, he defected to me over a year ago. I love my kitty! :)

My other reading buddies are another cat named Gus and two dogs named Wednesday and Cinnamon. There may be pictures of them later on in the read-a-thon.

I finished up my first book, though it may not really count seeing as I was so close to being done.
Books read: 1
Pages read: 43

UPDATE - 4:45 PM
Surprise, surprise - my plan of attack has changed! This always happens! This isn't a bad surprise though, luckily. First, almost as soon as I sat down to read, I got a call from my mother asking me to help her set up for a craft show. Can't realy say no as she's selling some of my stuff as well. Then, when I got home a few minutes ago, I had two ARC tour books waiting in my mailbox! You Killed Wesley Payne by Sean Beaudoin and All You Get is Me by Yvonne Prinz are both going to the top of my to-read-next pile.
Books read: 1
Pages read: 90

UPDATE - 8:15 PM
I finally finished my first book! It's been a slow reading day, but for once there's nothing on my schedule for tomorrow while Boyfriend is at work, so hopefully I will be able to make up for lost time then. Next up is You Killed Wesley Payne.
Books read: 2
Pages read: 330

BOOKS READ                                          CURRENTLY READING
Sisters Red (Sisters Red, #1) Dead Is Not An Option (Dead Is, #5)            You Killed Wesley Payne

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