Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December '10

Well, November wasn't exactly a successful reading month, but I did have a lot of fantastic experiences. The most exciting moment was finally receiving an acceptance letter from the grad school program that I applied to months ago! I had begun to give up hope, and that really made my year. NaNoWriMo was also a lot of fun, and, even though I didn't "win," I still feel that I made a lot of headway and now know where to concentrate my research.

December should be a little less hectic than November, now that NaNo and holiday shopping are both over, although I do have to go through orientation and some placement exams. (Computer competency - ha!) I am hoping to make a sizeable dent in my TBR pile this month before the new year arrives.

Stay tuned for my 25+ Follower Appreciation contest, which should be up either later this week or early next week!

What are you most looking forward to reading this month?

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