Monday, November 29, 2010

Stork by Wendy Delsol

by Wendy Delsol

Moving from L.A. to nowhere Minnesota, sixteen-year-old Katla Leblanc expected the local fashion scene to be frozen in time. What she didn't expect was induction into the Icelandic Stork Society, an ancient order of women charged with a unique mystical duty. Not only is Katya the youngest member, but Hudla, the society's omen-guided leader, immediately bestows the coveted Second Chair on her - a decision that ruffles a few feathers.

As if that weren't enough, Katla also has to deal with her parents' dicorve and the social aftermath of a bad date with popular but creepy Wade. Katla, however, isn't one to sit on her designer-jean behind, and soon she's assigned the fashion column for the school paper and making new friends.

Things would be looking up if it weren't for editor-in-chief Jack. Even though they argue every time they meet, Katla is inexplicably drawn to him. Juggling her home life, school, and Stork duties, will Katla be able to unravel the mystery surrounding Jack? More importantly, will she find a dress in time for Homecoming?

Folktales collide with reality in Wendy Delsol's debut novel, in which one girl finds herself tail-feathers deep in small-town life.

My Review
Katya is a sweet girl who is just trying to make it in a new town, separated from her father, her friends, and everything she has ever known. After a chance encounter with Hulda, the old woman who owns the shop across from her Afi's, Katya discovers the Aslendigas Stork Society and soon begins to understand that all is not as it seems in this small town.

Stork is a real breath of fresh air in the young adult market. I have never read anything else like this book before, and I am so happy to have found it! Every aspect of this story was so unique that it's a little hard to explain what makes it special without giving too much of the story away. I would recommend Stork for anyone who is looking for a great read that bucks the current trends in young adult literature.

Delsol's next book, The McCloud Home for Wayward Girls, will be released in August 2011.

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    I haven't read Stork but great review !