Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Week in Books (12)

Credit for IMM goes to The Story Siren

Books received for review

by Alex Flinn

Courtesy of Star Book Tours

Johnny works after school in a shoe repair shop in a swanky hotel in Miami. He loves shoes and is talented; he even aspires to be the next Manolo Blahnik. But the real reason that he is working so hard is because his dad left when he was a baby and he needs to help his mom pay the bills. At least he has his friend, Meg, who works at the hotel coffee shop, to keep him company.

When beautiful Princess Victoriana comes to stay at the hotel, Johnny is thrilled when Victoriana invites him to her suite. There she tells him that her brother has been turned into a frog, and that she needs his help finding him in the Florida Keys. Johnny thinks she is crazy and does not believe her, until she gives him a magical cloak that immediately transports him to another location. Armed with the cloak and a magical earpiece that can help him talk to other transformed humans Johnny sets out to save the Prince . . .

Books bought

 Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling, #9) Afterlight (The Dark Ink Chronicles, #1)

I was doing really well this week . . . and then found out that there was a Scholastic Book Fair going on at my old grade school! I really went to town, but they had some great deals.

The Fire Eternal (The Last Dragon Chronicles, #4) Dark Life (Dark Life, #1) Found (The Missing, #1) Philippa Fisher's Fairy Godsister
 House of Dark Shadows (Dreamhouse Kings, #1) Watcher in the Woods (Dreamhouse Kings, #2) Gatekeepers (Dreamhouse Kings, #3) Ruined: A Ghost Story Bogus to Bubbly: An Insider's Guide to the World of Uglies

What I read this week

Being Jamie Baker Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling, #9)

Books I started but haven't finished (yet!)

The Water Wars Cate of the Lost Colony Across the Universe


  1. I am incredibly jealous that you're reading Across the Universe and Ruined looks like it will be great.
    Happy reading!

  2. Ah! I've been wanting Dark Life for awhile now.

    So jealous you're reading Across The Universe!

  3. Across the Universe was amazing! I hope you both get a chance to read it soon.