Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dead After Dark anthology

by Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward, Susan Squires, & Dianna Love

With these four tales of paranormal romance, it’s never been hotter to be close to death…

“Shadow of the Moon”
Angelia has fought her entire life to make herself strong. Now, with her patria under fire, she has to protect her people from Fury and his werewolf clan. Vowing to bring him to justice, Angelia sets out alone…until the hunter becomes the hunted, and the only way for her to survive is to trust the very wolf she’s sworn to kill.

“The Story of Son”
Claire Stroughton is a beautiful lawyer who would rather spend the night with a legal brief than the man of her dreams. Then a routine client meeting turns dangerous—and deeply sensual—when she is held captive by a gorgeous man with an unworldly hunger…

“Seize the Night”
When Drew Carlowe returns home to win back a lost love, he is quick to dismiss rumors that his estate is haunted by a stunning young ghost...until one passionate encounter leaves him mystified—and aching for more.

“Midnight Kiss Goodbye”
Trey McCree possesses an insatiable desire for Sasha Armand—and supernatural powers that could endanger her life as a human. But when they team up to stop an evil warlord, Trey discovers that Sasha can do way more than drive men wild…

My Review
I started this anthology when it was first released back in December '08 for the short story by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Then I discovered last month that the new series by Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love is prefaced by Dianna Love's short story, and I gobbled up the rest of the book.

All of the stories in this anthology are part of a series: "Shadow of the Moon" by Sherrilyn Kenyon is part of her Were-Hunter series, "The Story of Son" by J.R. Ward is related to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, "Beyond the Night" by Susan Squires is a Companion novella, and "Midnight Kiss Goodbye" by Dianna Love is the first story in the new Belador urban fantasy series. I haven't read the Companion novels, but the rest of the stories tie in nicely with their related series. Susan Squires's story was interesting, but I wasn't at all invested in the series so it didn't do much for me. And I love everything by Sherrilyn Kenyon, but most of her stories start to sound the same after a while, so it wasn't exactly earth-shattering. My favorites were "The Story of Son" and "Midnight Kiss Goodbye." J.R. Ward managed to write a completely unique story that I can only hope will at some point be integrated with the current series. Dianna Love's Belador prequel was fantastic because I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new series, and it served as an easy introduction to the world Love and Kenyon created. Overall, I would give this anthology a five-star rating because the stories I did love were so fantastic!

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