Friday, November 05, 2010

ARC Review: The Locket by Stacey Jay

by Stacey Jay

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What would you give for a second chance?

For Katie, life as Isaac Tayte's girlfriend was pretty much perfect. Until the night she messed everything up by cheating on him with their mutual best friend, Mitch. Katie is devastated over her mistake - and she'll do anything to get Isaac back.

Then, on her seventeenth birthday, she discovers a strange, beautiful lovket. When she puts it on, Katie finds herself going back in time - to the night she and Mitch kissed. At first, Katie is thrilled at the chance to do it all over again. If she can only change the past, she might be able to save her perfect future with Isaac. But as other aspects of her life become inexplicably altered, she realizes that second chances come with a dark price. Katie can't help but wonder: is fate meant to be tampered with - or is the most extraordinary kind of life the one that's far from perfect?

My Review
Katie  has the perfect life, the perfect boyfriend, and the perfect future with Isaac. At least, she did - until she kissed Mitch. Katie would do anything to take back that night, so make it so Isaac wasn't mad at her and they could go back to their perfect little world. That's where her grandmother's locket comes into play. Katie discovers that the locket has the power to take her back in time to the moment of her mistake. Katie is overjoyed that she and Isaac are still together and the mess with Mitch never happened. There's a problem, though - little things keep changing between this version of reality and the previous one. She's also starting to realize that her life may not have been as perfect as she once thought. Katie needs to decide what she's going to do - before things change for good.

I really enjoyed this book, much more than I thought I would! Katie is a very sweet girl who is so happy to have a boyfriend that she doesn't realize that Isaac really isn't the right guy for her. All she wants is to undo the mistake she made that caused Isaac to break up with her, but she never expects that this will actually happen! Katie thinks that this is a dream, but all along the reader can see how the is really bound to repeat itself, and that changing the past can only lead to bad things, like unforseen accidents. Jay does a great job of keeping the tension going throughout the novel. You'll be rooting for Katie to make the right decision all the way until the last page.

Stacey Jay is the author of the Megan Berry books (You Are So Undead to Me and Undead Much), My So-Called Death. She also has two novels coming out in 2011: Dead on the Delta and Juliet Immortal.


  1. I like the plot, it sound's intriguing. I'll keep an eye our for it. Juliet Immortal sounds like a good title too. Thanks for introducing me to this author, I hadn't heard of Stacey Jay before.

  2. Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by :) I hope you get a chance to read Stacey Jay's books!