Thursday, October 07, 2010

Witches' Night Out by Silver Ravenwolf

(Witches Chillers #1)
by Silver Ravenwolf

Be careful what you wish for . . .

Bethany Salem is a pretty normal 16-year-old, except for one thing . . . she's a Witch! When Bethany's boyfriend Joe dies in a mysterious car accident, she vows to find his killer. But when she calls on the magickal Hounds of the Wild Hunt to catch the murderer, the members of the Witches' Night Out coven get more than they bargained for. Will they catch Joe's killer in time, or will the killer catch them?

My Review
Bethany Salem is a 16-year-old high school student. Summer break is just ending, and this will be her first year without her boyfriend, Joe, by her side. Her mother died many years ago, and her father is distant and distracted, as he's a policeman a couple of hours away in the big city. She's been pretty depressed and lonely lately and hasn't had much to do with her friends, believing that they've abandoned her. When her coven shows up on the first Thursday night after school starts hoping to hold a circle, Bethany thinks things might be looking up. But her friends are not all the people she remembered. Nam and Tillie are the same, but Karen and Nick are more distant than they used to be. Karen doesn't seem to be putting much effort into the coven, especially after Bethany reveals that she wants to hold a circle in Joe's memory and call the Wild Hunt after his murderer. Unfortunately, it turns out that this won't be the simple hunting down that Bethany imagined. She learns that Joe many not have been exactly who she thought he was and that the new housekeeper, Ramona, is definitely not at all what she seems. On top of everything, Bethany learns about herself, her mother, and her heritage as a witch. 

Many people have said that Silver Ravenwolf should not have ventured out of nonfiction writing, but it seems to me that these people are mostly adults (or at least older teens) who read her nonfiction Wicca books, saw her name on something else, and grabbed it without thinking that maybe this book would be outside of their usual genres. I didn't know anything about her before picking up Witches' Night Out and the rest of the trilogy from the local used bookstore, way back in middle school, and I loved these books. Re-reading this series as an adult is a much different experience, but the books are still enjoyable. If you liked L.J. Smith's NightWorld series, you will enjoy this series.

Check out the rest of the trilogy: Witches' Night of Fear and Witches' Key to Terror.

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