Monday, October 04, 2010

Rotten Ralph's Trick or Treat! by Jack Gantos

by Jack Gantos
illustrated by Nicole Rubel

When Sarah and her cat Rotten Ralph go to a Halloween party dressed as each other, Ralph's antics almost ruin their friendship.

I've never read the rest of the Rotten Ralph series, but this one is pretty cute. Sarah and her cat, Rotten Ralph, receive an invitation to a Halloween party with instructions to dress up as whatever they love the most. Sarah decides that they should dress up like each other. But when he misbehaves at the party, everyone thinks it's her! What a rotten cat. But he makes up for it at the end of the story, and Sarah and Ralph are best friends again. The story could have been a little longer, or at least had a more detailed ending, hence the lower rating. It didn't feel like anything was resolved. But it's still a cute book, and it's another one of those books that my parents read to me as a kid during the Halloween season.

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