Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dark Side of Dawn by Kathryn Smith

(Nightmare Chronicles #2)
by Kathryn Smith

STOP RIGHT HERE if you haven't read the first book in the series and don't want spoilers!


On the surface, it might seem like I, Dawn Riley, have it all. I've got a great job, a boyfriend who loves me . . . but my family life is a different story.

As the mortal daughter of the King of Dreams, I have an ability to exist between both worlds . . . which is terrifying to some. Now the Nightmare Council claims I've broken their laws and is threatening to have me "unmade." And if that's not bad enough, I need to track down a vicious criminal responsible for several savage attacks - before he finds me.

I'm lucky enough to have Noah by my side, and he'll do whatever it takes so that we can have a future together. In the end, though, this is my battle. The fate of a world rests upon my shoulders, and it seems the best that I can hope for is not to die in my sleep . . .

My Review
Dawn and Noah are back in the newest installment of Kathryn Smith's Nightmare Chronicles series. Their relationship faces a new strain when Noah's ex-wife, Amanda, is raped and Noah, still listed as her next-of-kin, rushes to her side. Dawn knows that she shouldn't feel jealous of a woman who was just beaten, partially scalped, and raped, but she can't help feeling that Noah may still hold a torch for Amanda. Meanwhile, Dawn's problems in the Dreaming are coming to a head. She must face the Council for bringing Noah into the Dreaming, so they can determine whether or not she is a threat and should be unmade. It's probably not a good sign that the Warden has it out for her. Between the rapist on the streets and the Council hounding her in the Dreaming, Dawn isn't safe awake or dreaming.

I fell in love with The Nightmare Chronicles when I read the first book back in February '09. It's such a fascinating concept, and, of course, I will read just about anything with Greek mythology. I am not too much of a fan of Dawn's occasional psychological ramblings - one too many sessions with a bad therapist, I'm afraid - but I love everything else about this series. Especially Noah. He can visit my dreams any time! Here's hoping that there will be a new installment soon!

The first book in The Nightmare Chronicles is Before I Wake. Kathryn Smith also has a vampire series called The Brotherhood of the Blood. For details, click here.

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