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Bloodlines by Janice Harrell

by Janice Harrell

The thrilling story of a sister and brother torn apart by the unthinkable secret that is their destiny.

ANNE MARIE MONTCLAIR: Devastated by her mother's tragic death, she hungers for an escape from her misery. Must Anne Marie abandon her beloved twin brother to find the happiness she craves?

PAUL MONTCLAIR: Haunted by his contempt for the father who abandoned him, he searches for the power to forget his past. When Paul's hatred drives him to betray Anne Marie, can he regain the trust of the only person he truly loves?

My Review
Paul and Anne Marie Montclair are teenage twins living with their mother in New Orleans. The story opens with Paul reading about the latest exploits of the local serial killer in the newspaper. The police have no leads, only completely exsanguinated bodies. When tragedy strikes, Paul and Ari are sent to live with their aunt Gabrielle in Washington, D.C. They soon notice that Aunt Gabrielle has some strange habits - rarely touching her food at dinner, sleeping all day, taking nightly jogs and coming in looking all pink and refreshed. They also begin to have waking visions of vampires and other fanged creatures in their bedrooms. Paul and Ari have no idea what to do to make it stop, but, one way or another, they're going to figure out what's going on.

The reader knows what's going on long before Paul and Ari figure it out for themselves (although the name of the series - "Vampire Twins" - is sort of a glaring hint). Bloodlines contains a lot of set-up for the next books, and as such the blurb on the back cover is somewhat misleading. There's much action at all in this first installment. That's not to say that Bloodlines isn't worth reading, but it's worth a warning.

I loved this series back in middle school. I really started getting into paranormal fiction back then, although that would taper off during high school and not re-emerge until I went away to college. Unfortunately, that was right at the end of the 90's paranormal craze, so the only place that still carried these books was the local used bookstore. When I lost my copy of the Vampire Twins 2, I couldn't find another one anywhere, at least not for an exorbitant price. After finally tracking one down last year, I put off re-reading the series for fear that it wouldn't be as good as I remembered. While it's not exactly groundbreaking, I did enjoy this first book and can't wait to get a chance to run through the rest of them again.

Fans of L.J. Smith's NightWorld series will likely enjoy this series.

The other titles in the Vampire Twins series are: Bloodlust, Bloodchoice, and Blood Reunion.

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